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Dog faeces and stray waste

Design Award ‘Made for Maastricht 2018’

Dog faeces and stray waste

Litter and dog faeces are both causes for annoyance. Winding packaging in parks and squares, dog faeces on the sidewalk; these seem like ineradicable problems in the urban environment. Designers can be part of a solution to this problem. They are challenged in the Design Award' Made for Maastricht 2018' to design an interactive public space object that offers a positive solution to the problem of litter and dog excrement. This annual competition is organised by Designday in collaboration with Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD) and the unicipality of Maastricht, who has made this competition available.

Each year, the assignment for the Design Award' Made for Maastricht' focuses on Maastricht's urban environment:' The urban environment; a biotope in development'. Within this overarching theme, professional designers and makers are challenged to come up with innovative and aesthetic solutions for changing problems.

The city of Maastricht has already put great emphasis on mobility and accessibility. But also on a smaller scale, there is much to be gained in terms of quality of life in the urban environment. Take litter and dog faeces, which are a thorn in the eye for many citizens and governments. Furthermore entails cleaning up the city high costs. This situation asks for creative solutions. Designers can aid in this situation.

Designers from the Netherlands and abroad can submit their creative plans until 20 April 2018. These could be statement piece designs, but also products and installations that set (young) people in motion in a playful, competitive, interactive and accessible way, and eventually effectuate a change in behaviour. People complain about the waste, but walk past it. And dog owners are rarely addressed to account for not cleaning up their dog's excrement. Designers can also change this mentality, a passive attitude, with their creative ideas, by encouraging people to take action.

A jury will select five nominees from all entries. These will be announced in the first week of May 2018. The nominated designs are jointly presented during the 13th edition of the three-day event Designday.

The winner will be announced during its opening evening on 25 May 2018, and will be awarded an amount of € 5,000, - to be spent on the development of the submitted proposal.

This will ensures the execution of the winning design in Maastricht. A well-functioning and unique product that contributes to the improvement of our living environment. That makes a nice addition to the portfolio of the designer.


Designday is an inspiring and connecting platform for designers and clients in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, a community for design lovers. Designday organises among others an annual three-day design event in Maastricht for (inter)national designers who create independent and accessible design themselves. Designday believes in design that combines originality, craftsmanship, sustainability and common sense.


Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD) holds the Bachelor's programs in Fine Arts & Design and the Master's program in POLIS. Within the MAFAD training courses, the application of innovative materials and techniques in combination with' the craft' plays an important role.

Maastricht Municipality

In its' Economic Vision 2020 Made in Maastricht', the Municipality of Maastricht expressed the ambition to develop a strong creative manufacturing industry in Maastricht with a good business climate for creative entrepreneurs. The Design Award' Made for Maastricht' and the availability of prize money contribute to execution of this vision.

Note for the editorial staff: For more information please contact Hester Coolen.

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