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This year, during our open day on November 25th, Fine Arts | Autonomous Visual Arts combines its annual presentation in the Stuers studio building with a special project in the public spaces.

On the initiative of Joep Caenen (3rd year Fine Arts student) results of the project DOT. will be displayed in which social interaction, site specificity, working together and public domain. DOT. is located at the shopping area of the Old Hickoryplein and spans a 3 week period during which it offers a platform for young artists to express themselves on, at a location that has no clear function at this time. The artist has the opportunity to test their own artistic vision in an alternative working environment & exhibition space.

Participants are primarily connected to the Art Academy Maastricht (MAFAD, ZUYD Hogeschool), young artists at different stages of development in their artistic practice knowingly position themselves outside the conventional field to be inspired and challenged by their new surroundings.

Come visit the DOT. during our Open Day hours (10.00 – 15.00)! You can find DOT. in close vicinity of the NS central station (backside).

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