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oh seven two is a collaborative project by seven fashion and two textile students from Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD). Within DYS|UTOPIA, our collective collection, we want to give a glimpse of how the future could look like in some decades. Our hopes and worries concerning humanity today, will they fulfill? Will people live longer? Will war zones increase? Will we all be refugees or will we have learnt to live in peace?

Our acting today has an impact on the future. That’s what we are sure about. The decisions we take now will leave marks on our progeny. They are the heirs of our future and it depends on us, wether they will live in a pleasant or a nasty world. Through our collection we point out two fictive scenarios: utopia and dystopia. We would like to take you on a trip from one world to the other. The space that connects both sides is the in-between zone or chaos zone, where colours and shapes slowly blend. By the combination of fashion and textile design the showplace will be turned into a unique illusionary realm of experience.

During Fashionclash, oh seven two presents:



Capucijnenstraat 98

6211 RT Maastricht

Opening hours:

Thursday 30. June 17.00h - 20.00h

Friday. 1 July 15.00h - 20.00h OFFICIAL OPENING and Performance at 15.00h

Saturday 2. July 12.00h- 20.00h

Sunday 3. July 12.00h - 20.00h

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