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A one-of-a-kind design initiative, Flush is the talk of the town. A collaboration between local businesses, manufacturers and emerging creative talents, Flush transforms the bathroom facilities of nine different hospitality venues and cultural attractions within the fashionable neighbourhood of Wyck.

‘Most of the time toilets are a bit forgotten when it comes to the interior design of a restaurant or hotel,’ says Wieke Forschelen, Mosa representative. ‘But a restroom can have a dramatic impact on the customer experience of a bar or hotel.’

Students from our departement 'Object' were invited to redesign the bathrooms in nine diverse locations, with inspiration from the places of interest in the historic Dutch city and the extensive collection of Mosa tiles. It was a creative challenge for the students to transform the small spaces, says Forschelen, but Mosa supported their endeavours through the entire process.

The Flush website has a map of the participating locations, which are the Centre Céramique, the Bonnefanten Museum, the Bouchon d'en Face bistro, the Carnal Steakhouse and Burgerlijk restaurants, the Coffeelovers Café, the Townhouse Designhotel, the SAP Bagel & Juice Bar/UMAMI by Han restaurants, and the Wyck Bazaar market.

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