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Gilbert de bontridder

through the eyes of:

Sara Bachour & Joep Hinssen

Maarten Davidse & Simon Weins

Studio Oneindigheid (Charlotte Lagro, Chaim van Luit, Joep Vossebeld)

Tim Rutten & Roel Pansters

Krist Gruijthuijsen

Curators: Paula van den Bosch en Joep Vossebeld

As of april the 20th the Bonnefantenmuseum will open an exhibition named ‘’Look at me and see what I could not (yet) see’’, with a series of work from the Belgian painter Gilbert de Bontridder (1944-1996) and recipients of his award which is annually distributed bij the MAFAD and the foundation of Art Promotion Limburg.

Recently, Magda De Bontridder donated a series of works by her husband, Gilbert De Bontridder, to the Bonnefantenmuseum. In 2017, the annual Gilbert De Bontridder Award will be presented for the twentieth time during the graduation expo on july 6 at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD).

The occasion has prompted an exhibition that focuses on the artist and on the recipients and organiser of the award. The exhibition is the result of this process of adoption, and in its totality can also be seen as a collage: Cutting, sticking, ruminating and reanimating.

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