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Looking back at the Dutch design week

Last week MAFAD presented their work during the Dutch Design Week! SOUTHERN TREASURES presents work of graduates who embody this philosophy and show the way they develop their designs and process as an extensive ‘dialogue’ with for example materials and their properties. As authors of their own processes they developed different perspectives on nowadays topics which enabled them to create meaningful objects, processes and products. It also gives the audience an insight of the new implemented design curriculum body, object, and material. These three domains cover the diversity of professional fields in which a designer of nowadays presents itself, irrespective of traditional disciplinary thinking. Specializing in a particular design context where a cross-disciplinary attitude is a necessity. The exhibition also shows the work of our newly started two-year master program Polis. Within the Polis program we consider contemporary art and design as a dynamic network of debating practices. Artists and designers are not problem solvers; on the contrary, they pose questions by making ‘things’. They visualize complexity, and they generate ideas in order to open up new perspectives. They are not isolated, but instead constantly relate to the social context by means of debate.


Anna Davies - Iris Claessens - Ghislaine Ortmans - Djillie Roes - Jessica den Hartog - Marleen Boot - Cas Driessen - Miriam Harig - Alice Schiavone - Henrike Altes

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