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From 29th June - 2nd July, parallel to the Fashionclash festival.

About The new curriculum:

MAFAD is seeking for a new generation of idealistic and socially engaged students viewing society and the existing systems with a critical eye. Inspired by leading innovators, a symbiotic and sustainable image has emerged in which life is consciously expressed in terms of a new identity. The areas of Body, Object and Material become more personally oriented towards society, the community. They research new materials and techniques of our age and the future. It’s a time that is inciting young designers like our students to innovate and to redefine what Body, Object and Material can be. A global social plea for freedom, self-expression and engagement?

MAFAD offers both an applied and an autonomous program, individually or in collective practices. Our students explore the challenge in finding the right tools to translate an idea into material. The development of new technologies and a grasp of the importance of sustainability are values that drive students and cause them to expand the borders of the traditional systems. With their innovative solutions, artistic explosions and fresh designs, their generation has arrived at the interface between Design and Applied Arts embracing the crafts.


Thiessen Wijnkoopers

The "secret" cellars of this lovely wine shop are open for public to experience a wide range of fashion, products, objects, material experiences, jewellery and much more. Our students are going to guide you through this Wine and Design labyrinth right underneath the shop.

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