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Marres Currents #3 17.12.2015 – 05.02.2016

Marres Currents #3 presents recent graduates from art academies in the Southern Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The project aims to build an international infrastructure for talent development and offers artists the opportunity to think about emerging trends in the region and in broader discussions with artists, teachers, collectors, curators and the public.

Agata Jaworska is invited as guest curator.

Participating MaFAD alumni (fine art 2015) are:

Gladys Zeevaarders is based in Sittard.

Eline Kersten is currently continuating her studies at the Goldsmyth Institute in Londen (at the Curatorial Program). She is collaborating with Renan Schulze who is now studying at Maastricht University (Art & Cultural Heritage).

Stef van den Dungen is now studying at the master ‘Intermediate Spaces’ of the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam.

Fine Art bachelor students will participate in Marres Currents during a presentationworkshop at Van Eyck which will be moderated by Valentijn Byvanck (director of Marres), Phillipine Hoegen (St Joost Breda) and Paul Devens (MaFAD)

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