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RE FLECK TIEREN is a jewellery series which deals with the feeling of our society nowadays, as the word of the year 2016 "post-truth" explains, public opinion is now shaped by emotions such as anxiety whilst in opposition to this, objective facts are seemingly losing importance. Populism is rising and populist politicians are gaining more power. This engenders the rise of discriminations. It seems as though we are not aware of how much power our actions towards others can have. We have become ignorant of our surroundings, especially when important political questions and social coexistence itself are concerned.

We all have our blemishes and therefore we are stained by the bad acts we have committed. We change from “the pure” to "the impure", from “the unstained” to “the stained”.

Only by realising our selfish actions and by being confronted by the self, maybe we could recognise that we are the judges in this instance. The mirroring stains applied to the jewellery seek to express this message.

We need transparency to clarify our decisions and to reflect our thoughts. Therefore the stain needs to be surrounded by purity, symbolized by a transparent rubber. The flexibility of the material implements the versatility we need to change our mindset and to rethink at any time.

The jewellery is located at the body areas from where we express or form our actions.

The shape is inspired by different armours, as self-reflection should be conceived as a protective shield and strength. Moreover scrutinising oneself can act as a protection against non- reflective criticisms. The two integrated textile parts (hood and belt) complete the outfit into that of a judicious warrior.

I hope my jewellery series will inspire people to think critically and to open discourse/exchange views.

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