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On Friday, December 16th, the thesis and encouragement prizes of Faculty of Arts, academic year 2015/2016 were granted. Ties van Dijk, alumnus of Fine Arts, and current student at the Master ‘Polis', has won one of the two thesis prizes with his Thesis 'The world is full of objects, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more'. Elwy Schutten, alumnus of Design (Jewellery and Product), has received an encouragement prize for her Thesis 'Thoughts & Words'.

The thesis prize is an initiative of the professorships to stimulate students to write theses that do justice to their artistic practice. The award granting took place during the festival 'Winter Nights' in AINSI. The jury consisted of Jasper Coppes, Marcel van der Klink, Peter Missotten and Ruth Benschop.

MAFAD Congratulates Alumni Ties van Dijk and Elwy Schutten with achieving these prices!

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