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Sonotopia 2018

On Wednesday March 14, the European prize for sound art of graduate students "Sonotopia 2018" was presented to Nika Schmitt at the Art museum Bonn.

Schmitt (Luxembourg, 1992) studied Fine Art at MaFAD, part of Hogeschool Zuyd. With her installations, performances and also in joint ventures, the divisions and delimitations of time and space can be experienced through the use of sound, light and movement. She likes to make the presence of the audience part of the work.

Her work was previously awarded the Gilbert de Bontridder Prize 2017 and nominated for the Henriette Hustinx Prize 2017 and for the Carat Lucas Gassel Prize 2017.

Her installations were also on show at the Nederlandsche Bank (Amsterdam), the Cacaofabriek (Helmond) and Kunstpodium T (Tilburg).

Schmitt will be offered a residency in Bonn after the award ceremony, where she will be able to develop a new sound artwork.

This new work will be presented during the Beethovenfest 2018 (September) in Bonn.

"Sonotopia" is an initiative of "Bonn-Hören" and is part of the "Beethovenstiftung für Kunst und Kultur der Bundesstadt Bonn".

(1992) Nika Schmitt

Sound, light, and mechanically moving materials within the existing confines of interior spaces are all elements capable of exponential repetition. Nika Schmitt uses these to create multi sensory installations, which either fortify or clash with their surrounding environment. The epimythium that is pushed lies on the experience of time as it is analysed through the shutter of human-created measurement and the physical manifestations of time. Furthermore Nika experiments to see how the installations might trigger relational memory and associative thinking processes and/or incorporate the visitor as an active part of the experience itself.

The dualism of a site specific approach and a constant intuitive play is laying the ground for a work which is both: universal and personal at the same time. The fusion of a seemingly deep complex nature and a subtle ‘clin d’oeil’ which frees the way to an emotional comprehension of the subjects essence is the main goal pursued throughout Nika’s artistic practice."

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