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5 people, brought together in the raw for almost a week they never met before they could have communicated but didn’t they just want to play with ideas and rough footage the basic substances of this rawness will be used as an input to a process rather than a definition every day is a day again.

An exhibition by

Karin Peulen - Master (Maastricht)

Laura May Dobson (Nottingham)

Emma van Roey (Ghent)

Csilla Horváth (Budapest)

Selma Hengeveld (Rotterdam)

Maastricht, 29th February 2016

There is a certain beauty of the incomplete; it is like a release of constraints paired with an acceptance of fate.

This is precisely what the five artists involved within the ''RAW (Tomorrow is Another Day Again)'' collective aim to achieve. With only a few days to prepare, each artist is challenged to create pieces that reflect the theme of raw; of which is not the end but instead a starting point. It was trough the Apprentice/Master program that Karin Peulen was introduced, by pure fate, to four young artists from Europe. Together they began to conceptualize the meaning of play, what can be achieved by presenting a blueprint, an idea that is continuous and developing. They want to produce something organic, something substantial. But most importantly, they want to make it undefined.

With Karin Peulen's guidance, Laura May Dobson, Emma van Roey, Csilla Horvath and Selma Hengeveld came together to establish a 'book' with the Van Eyck Academy; which became a catalogue serving as an archive to become incorporated within the exhibition space. The book is not a rough draft, but instead suggests a proposal as a sketch of individual prints which come together as a whole. Each page becomes a statement and a collective which acts as an expression of experimentation, that cannot be formulated as a finished piece. This idea is carried through into the gallery, which acts as space for reflection but not resolution; through this display they invite you to experience the rawness of their process. The five artists have over the past days challenged themselves, each other and the limits of their practice, but now they challenge you to embrace the idea of beginning, of losing initiative and of RAW.

Today is another day again.

Nina Hanz in collaboration with Laura May Dobson.

Emma & Karin

Laura, Selma, Emma & Karin

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